Long hair clinic

Long hair is beautiful and always in fashion but keeping it in tiptop condition is time consuming and involved. Just like you your hair is unique and should have a maintenance plan designed to meet its specific needs.

Your hair type, life style and environment are all factors that can weaken and distress your hair. Wavelength can help you with a maintenance plan that will combat chemical and mechanical damage and of course deal with splitting and breaking hair.

The cause of splitting is usually related to dry hair, but the dryness and damage can be confined to just the very ends of the hair rather than the entire length. It is in fact very common to find hair, which is in good condition throughout most of its length but splitting along the last few centimetres. As you will appreciate to treat a whole head of hair for dryness when in fact only the ends are in need of care is opening the door to additional problems.

A specially prepared hair care program is essential to keep your locks in perfect condition. Wavelength along with Redken products can design and carry out a personalised care program unique to you in order to keep your hair healthy and looking its best at all times.

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