Hair colouring

Hair colour is a science and like all sciences needs a full understanding of technique and the professional application of only the best available products.

Colour correction

Home colour kits are a generic solution designed to be a jack-of-all-trades and seldom give predictable results. By the same token you should choose a Salon with a reputation for expertise based on experience and a full working knowledge of their recommended product. Let Wavelength fix a disaster or come and talk to us about bringing the natural beauty of your hair colour to life.

Colour change

Using Redken products such as Shades EQ Equalising Conditioning Colour Gloss, Wavelength can bring out the full potential of your hair. The benefits of Shades EQ are many including:

Acid PH that ensures gentle processing for outstanding condition and shine.
Long-lasting colourants that create hair colour that fades to tone.
Wheat Amino Acids help to lock in moisture and protect the condition of your hair. Silicone to improve shine and wet combability.